Happy New Year!

I can’t believe 2015 is already over. It was fast and furious for me in so many good and thankfully only a few not so good ways. I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions the last few years but this year I am making two.

First is to run a half marathon and the second is to get more acupuncture!

2015 was filled with many great experiences and I was adamant about learning new things and picking up new hobbies so last July I decided to run the Rock and Roll half marathon in October. I have been running casually since college to keep off weight and relieve stress but was never consistent with it. When I decided to run in July, I was running on a treadmill 0-4 times a week for only 2-3 miles at a time, so inconsistent! Because there wasn’t much time to train, against my better judgment, I started training at a faster pace than I should have. It was no surprise when I started experiencing hip and knee pain. Luckily, I was able to heal with acupuncture, but the race was out.

This year I plan to start slow and train smarter. I will be sure to follow a program at a better pace and start getting acupuncture as a preventive therapy BEFORE there are any injuries or pain.

My patients ask me all the time how often I receive acupuncture treatments, and I sheepishly admit that it’s not often enough. Of course I take care of my health with Qi Gong (a breathing practice that promotes qi flow), Reiki and a seasonal diet every day. But everyone can benefit from regular acupuncture treatments. As a future marathon runner, acupuncture is going to help me prevent injuries by nourishing my muscles and tendons, will help me have a better nights sleep so I can have more energy to run, and will also help with the mental focus required to be disciplined enough to run 13.1 (and then 26.2) miles!

Whether you have made new year’s resolutions or have other health conditions to improve on, I look forward to being a part of helping you achieve your goals. I love what I do and I hope it shows. I appreciate our acupuncture family in so many ways; I’m grateful to also learn something from everyone that walks through our doors. Thanks again to everyone! Cheers to 2016 (Red Fire Monkey year – will write about it when the Chinese lunar year starts in February)!

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