Get your Autumn acupuncture tune-up now!

One of the wisest recommendations of Chinese medicine is to live harmoniously with the seasons. As the weather changes so should our daily practices, such as changing our diets to favor what’s in season and going to bed earlier with the sun. While the summer months were a time to be more active, the fall season is a time to be more introspective. It’s best if we find inner calm and remain peaceful. This will also prepare us for the harsh winter. The Autumn season is associated with the lungs. The lungs include the nose and throat, which is the first place to be attacked by colds and flus. To keep the lungs strong, everyone should schedule an appointment for an Autumn Acupuncture Tune-up. The set of points we use for Tune-ups will help the body shift into the fall season by supporting the Lung channel and strengthening immunity. This Acupuncture Tune-up also helps to process grief, the emotion associated with the lung, and nourish our skin during these drier months. Please schedule soon, the protocol is recommended to be completed within the first 2 weeks of fall, or prior October 16.

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